Lifestyle, occlusion and mandibular joint

Zahnarzt Freiburg Schmerzen Kiefergelenk Dr. Lessing

Patients appear more frequently in the dental office with symptoms and pain such as gnashing of teeth, continuously sensitive teeth, jaws joint clicking, painful jaw muscles when waking up, facial pain, sometimes migraines, but there is no identifiable cause related to the teeth.

Dr. Lessing was several years senior practitioner of the temporomandibular joint consultation at the dental clinic of Freiburg.

If other causes can be excluded, it must be stress- or occlusion induced strains.

If stress is the trigger, then it is advised to:

  • Removal of tooth fault contact
  • TMJ splints made​of hard or soft permanent slides
  • Positioning rails with mucosal impingement
  • Bionator or Biognator, possibly physiotherapy

If occlusion is the problem:

  • Pre-treatment by means of long-term temporary restoration
  • Prosthetic reconstruction of the occlusal surfaces