Drilling now with the Laser

The erbium laser can be used effectively as a viable alternative to the traditional dental drilling against dental caries.

The advantages of this laser are:

Zahnarzt Freiburg Dr. Lessing Laser bohren

The operating principle of this type of laser is based on sudden evaporation of water, contained in teeth and in many filling. Since dental caries contains more water than healthy teeth, the dental caries is removed gentle and less painful.

The laser leaves an extremely clean teeth without bacterially interspersed lubricating film as in real drilling. On the rough surface composite fillings adhere better.

Due to the non-contact work the unpleasant “rumble” is eleminated. One reason for the laser to be cool with anxious children.

The advantages of our second laser, a Neodym-laser:

Zahnarzt Freiburg Dr. Lessing Laser bohren

The operating principle is based in his precise and excellent penetration. This effect can be used against pain of all kinds, whether posttraumatic pains of treated teeth or with mouth apthosis, herpes, annoying scars and for the accelerated healing of swellings.

The second very importan main area are root canal treatments of infected or teeth with an inflammatory focus, because the complicated branched channel system can only be cleaned incomplete by mechanical means, whereas the laser light also reaches the small side canals.