Gum disease – fate?

Zahnarzt Freiburg schoene Zahnfleisch Probleme Dr. Lessing

An untreated periodontal disease affects the entire organism. The bacterial pathogens and their toxins cause harm to vital organs like heart and brain via the bloodstream.

Parodontitis is not a fate but the result of plaque and strain. And it is sustainably treatable.

Indispensable is a preceding oral hygiene training in practice (prophylaxis). To demonstrate and for practice at home, there is a prophylaxis room with a small prophylaxis shop.

The then existing inflammation is treated by systematic root planing using hand instruments and the two lasers. Incriminating gum surgery is usually not necessary. Complementary therapy devices are the elimination of false contacts, splinting of teeth and drug therapies.

After treatment completion, the result is ensured by regular checks with professional dental cleaning.