Biocompatible, metal-free dental materials

ahnarzt Freiburg biologische vertraegliche Zahnmaterialien Dr. Lessing

Dentistry is the medical discipline that incorporates most foreign materials into the patient. More and more often dental replacement materials chronic cause diseases (

Severe stressors may be amalgam fillings and root-filled teeth, more often crowns and bridges, especially if they contain palladium, prosthetic materials and solders, sometimes orthodontic brackets and archwires, even in principle any material used in the mouth.

The tooth filling amalgam is subject to permanent discussions, A mercury exposure for both patient and treatment team develops during insertion and removal of amalgam fillings. Using single tooth suction or protective rubber, these fillings can be removed width less side effects.

In collaboration with medical practitioners, appropriate materials are selected for you. Tooth cements may be mixed without metal spatula. Metal-free restorations are being manufactured in a dental laboratory specializing in biological dentures ( Metal-free crowns, bridges made​of ceramic or plastics, clip partial dentures, telescopic restorations, attachments, root caps – everything can be manufactured completely free of metal and yet be durable.